Delicious Wellbeing

An online Program to help Busy Mums get Real with Food

I am Jessica Donovan, a Naturopath and women’s holistic health expert.

You don’t have to be perfect to be vibrantly healthy.


Do you feel like you’ve lost the real you -- the woman you were before you had kids?

As a naturopath, I’ve seen dozens of mums come through my clinic doors. Many of the mums I work with feel like they either have to give up caring about health or become obsessed with diet and exercise.

My clients tell me all the time that they feel exhausted and worn out. Maybe you can resonate with some of the following:

  • You hate looking at yourself in the mirror, dread the idea of wearing a swimsuit, and/or look tired and have bags under your eyes.
  • You wake up wondering how you are going to get through another day and wishing you could sleep forever.
  • You rely on caffeine and sugar to keep you awake. In fact, coffee and sweets feel like a treat to yourself during a hectic day.
  • You are so busy getting the kids ready in the morning that you skip breakfast on a regular basis... and wind up snacking on something to go when your stomach grumbles later in the day.
  • You get frustrated with yourself for being moody, short-tempered, anxious, and overwhelmed around your kids, but can’t seem to help it because you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel.
  • Has your relationship with your spouse suffered because you’re too tired at the end of the day to spend meaningful time together?

I am Jessica Donovan, a Naturopath and women’s holistic health expert.

Do you know that you can revitalize your body and get back to being your old self by nourishing your body with healthier foods?

I know from my experience working with hundreds of mums in my naturopathic clinic that extra weight, fatigue, and other chronic symptoms can disappear simply by changing what you put into your mouth!

It’s totally possible for you to feel younger and be in your best health ever while raising a family.

You can...

  • Wake up with more than enough energy to do everything you need to do in a day while having fun.
  • Make healthy food choices that leave you feeling energized, fresh, and light without taking more time out of your busy day.
  • Gracefully and confidently cope with the everyday stresses life as a mum throws at you. (We can’t make life’s craziness go away, but we can certainly learn to embrace it!)
  • Look better than ever before. You will feel amazing when you look in the mirror and see a healthy body that you love, glowing skin, bright eyes, and a genuine smile staring back at you.
  • Lose weight (or maintain a healthy weight) without restrictive dieting, counting calories, or eliminating pleasure. (Yes, you can eat dessert!)
  • Rekindle your passion for life. It’s totally possible to be a present, happy, nurturing mum and feel totally fulfilled in your personal life.
  • Have balanced moods and a calm, “nothing can shake me” attitude.

Once I had my own babies, I started attracting more mums into my clinic.


Mums that were tired, stressed, moody, overweight, and not coping.

Mums suffering from bloating, headaches, heavy and painful periods.

Mums with fertility issues, IBS, and insomnia.

Mums that weren’t looking after themselves because they were too busy meeting the needs of their children.

I get fantastic results with these mums in my clinic. They feel better and have more energy. They feel more motivated to exercise and eat healthily, and most importantly, the way they feel allows them to have fun with their children.

I didn’t think it was fair to only give these results to the women who can come to my clinic. And so...

I created Delicious Wellbeing: an online program to help nourish mums to their best bodies through real food

Delicious Wellbeing is a program that gives mums like you the chance to get your life back and feel better than ever before.

You’ll be nourished by a community of mums who get the struggle and are making positive changes to break the chain of fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

In 6 weeks, you will feel in charge of your life. You’ll be getting your body to its healthiest and see a noticeable spring in your step.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll do in Delicious Wellbeing over the next 6 weeks:

Module 1

A Healthy Attitude

There is a fresh, vibrant, healthy life waiting for you!

The problem? Over the course of your life, you’ve received a lot of unhealthy messaging about how to eat healthily and what your body is “supposed to” look like.

In the kitchen!

Learn my favorite smoothie recipes!

These smoothies will help you feel fresh, light, and vibrant.

They’re the perfect go-to snack when in a hurry and rushing your kids around to their activities.

The Delicious Wellness Lesson

  • Why fad diets, counting calories, and deprivation never work and what to do instead.
  • How to change your mindset around food so that once you do make positive changes, you’ll never fall back into old habits.
  • The exact process you need to take to heal your relationship with food. (Even if you don’t think you have a negative relationship with food, you’ll love this!)
  • How to recognize and stop emotional eating dead in its tracks.
  • Ways to love yourself no matter what size you wear or what the number on the scale tells you.

Module 2

Eating to Nourish Your Body

 It’s time to forget everything you’ve ever learned about food. This week we’ll go over the ins and outs of eating (and even growing!) the most nutritional food. This is the foundation of making easy, healthy, vitalizing food decisions for the rest of your life.

In the kitchen!

Never sure what to eat for breakfast?

Have a habit of reaching for sugary cereals and other processed foods?

In this week’s In the Kitchen you’ll learn how to make a simple, delicious, and nutritious breakfast the whole family will love!

The Delicious Wellness Lesson

  • What does it mean to eat real food and what difference does it make?
  • What are the benefits to eating organic food and is it worth it?
  • How to make the most of local and seasonal produce to improve your health and save you money.
  • What’s the truth about animal products? You’ll learn all about sourcing ethically raised animal products and why they are better for you.
  • Never create a meal plan ever again. Instead, use my Delicious Wellbeing planning tool that takes less time and saves you more money.

Module 3

Simplifying Confusion Around Food

Does it seem like eating a meal requires a math degree? Forget counting calories, eliminating fats, and everything else you’ve had to memorize about “how to eat right”. In this module I’m giving you the simple, no-fuss rules you can follow for every meal.

In the kitchen!

The truth about fats!

Do you need to look at fat-free and no fat foods?

Is animal fat healthy for you?

I’m going to simplify looking at fats by showing you which fats are healthy for you and which are not.

We’ll also discuss what fat does for your body (it’s good, don’t worry!) and how fats influence your energy levels, brain health, and even weight loss.

The Delicious Wellness Lesson

  • Does it feel like you’re constantly trying to figure out what you’re going to eat for the next meal? This week I’m showing you how to easily put together a healthy meal or snack, anytime.
  • Enough math problems! Eating shouldn’t be so complicated. We’re debunking the myths and exploring the truth about proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
  • Let’s address that chronic fatigue + get you feeling more energized. I’ll show you how to get the balance of your diet right so you have great energy levels and balanced moods.
  • How to curb food cravings once and for all.
  • Food labels. What do you need to look at and what’s OK to ignore?

Module 4

Superfoods and Supplements

These two topics are controversial in the health and wellness world, so it’s extra important that we discuss the details on superfoods and supplements. That’s exactly what we’re going to do in module four.

In the kitchen!

Let’s add some superfoods to your kitchen.

This week, you’ll learn how to make my go-to superfood snack: Bliss Balls!

This snack is so easy to make, you’ll want to make it every week  and share it with everyone you know.

The Delicious Wellness Lesson

  • What is all the fuss about superfoods? Should you pay attention to the hype? Which ones are actually “super” and which ones can you ignore?
  • Get my Superfood Repertoire. It includes the must-have superfoods and how to use them (just in case you’ve never heard of Dulse Flakes or Camu Camu Powder!).
  • The deal with supplements: Why supplements are necessary for optimum health (even if you eat a super-healthy diet).
  • How to figure out which supplements you need and tips on choosing the best quality.

Module 5

Digestive Health and Hormone Balance

Your digestive system and hormone levels affect every single aspect of your life from how much energy you have to mood swings to controlling cravings and more.

You don’t need a PhD in science to understand how to revitalize your own digestion and hormones. That’s what I’m going to teach you in this module!

In the kitchen!

Have fun with raw foods and simple (yet so delicious) salads!

Not sure how to make raw foods and salads taste great?

In this week’s In the Kitchen you’ll get my favorite side salad recipe as well as a recipe for an easy to modify larger salad for meals.

The Delicious Wellness Lesson

  • The basics of digestive health and how this one part of your wellbeing affects every other (including your mood!).
  • Stop eating these foods ASAP. Find out the common foods you are probably eating that are destroying your digestive health!
  • The single most important thing you need to create fabulous digestive health.
  • What have hormones got to do with it? The incredibly powerful link between your hormone levels and overall health and natural strategies to get them balanced.
  • What your period can tell you about your hormone health.

Module 6


The final module of Delicious Wellbeing is going to set you up for a lifetime of having more than enough energy to get through the day, enjoy your beautiful life, and do all of the running around required in life as a mum!


In the kitchen!

How can you make your home cooked meals taste delicious without processed sauces and flavour packets?

In this final episode of In the Kitchen, I’m showing you how to use fresh herbs and spices to add bursts of flavor (and vitamins!) to every meal you make.

The Delicious Wellness Lesson

  • Time-saving techniques in the kitchen -- a checklist for making eating healthy as quick and easy as possible.
  • How to establish routines and rituals that take the stress out of life as a mum.
  • Eating at home is great, but what about when you go out to restaurants or socialize with friends? I’ll teach you my best tricks for achieving balance when you’re not in control of the kitchen.
  • Being a mum will always be a crazy adventure. So how do you handle the stress? We’ll chat about genius self-care strategies that will keep you calm, cool, and collected on a daily basis (even with little ones running around!).

What will you find inside of the Delicious Wellbeing members’ site?


  • Strategies to change your mindset and relationship with food, so you never have to go on another diet again and you can overcome binge and emotional eating.
  • Over 50 easy, quick and delicious meal and snack ideas, so you can feel healthy, energetic and light everyday.
  • Learn shortcuts in the kitchen so you can fit healthy food preparation into your busy life.
  • My simple meal plan equation to eliminate the confusion around what you should be eating and so you can be confident in putting together nutritious meals with whatever you have in the fridge.
  • Naturopathic secrets to healthier digestion so there is no more bloating, discomfort or embarrassing wind!
  • Tips on where and how to shop to save time and money while improving your health.
  • A guide to staying sane when eating out and socialising, so you can enjoy yourself, have a balanced lifestyle and feel great.
  • Find out all about superfoods and supplements and how to choose the finest quality to ensure you have the best level of wellbeing possible.
  • And much more valuable content to boost your vitality through real food.

What Mums Are Saying:

Before I started on the program I was exhausted to say the least! I was diagnosed with a chronic digestive condition and keeping up with my 1 year old son and working part time to help support my family was more than I could handle!

I could barely get out of bed in the morning and couldn’t go on walks with my little man, or get through a shift of work without feeling tired or sick.

The doctors I saw were not very helpful and were advising me to go on medications that had horrible side effects. I wanted to take a more natural approach so turned to Jess, who has helped me change my diet and taught me a lot about what my body needs and doesn't need.

My energy levels have improved greatly and my regular stomach pains are much less frequent. It hasn't been easy but Jess’s support, motivation and non-judgemental approach has helped me to get where I am. I'm finally on track to getting my life back!

Kelly Whaites

There is a renewed sense of calm and tranquillity within my home, and my energy levels have increased.  I’m a better mum to my boys and a better wife to my husband.  Overall, I feel alert, happy and healthy which is a state of being it has taken me over 20 years to achieve.

Rebecca Brewster

Due to working in such a physical job and forgetting to look after myself I felt like I had completely depleted my body of everything! I was so tired all of the time and I would fall asleep in the car at school pick up time! I was moody, I had break outs on my neck, I was always hungry and my sugar cravings were through the roof. I knew I was out of balance!

I love how Jess breaks things down into small, manageable steps. By following her advice my sugar cravings have gone, my skin has cleared up, my energy levels are great and I no longer need to nap in the car while waiting for the kids! I feel like my body is running at 110%

Thank you Jess

Yazmine Storey - Mother of 3 and a personal trainer at Embrace Health and Fitness Studio

Delicious Wellbeing is a very impressive and well put together course. A great investment and having lifetime access means I can use it again and again in the future. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to ensure they are taking good care of their family's well being.

Elaine Feather

I really enjoyed the Delicious Wellbeing course. I already have a good knowledge of nutrition but this course really helped me cut through the confusion and overwhelm. It helped simplify it so I wasn't second guessing myself and stressing about whether I was making the right food choices. Now I feel confident & relaxed in deciding what to eat to maintain health and energy levels. I am feeling more energetic and clear headed and as a result have become a calmer & more playful mum! I highly recommend this course.

Tracey McLean

The recipes in Delicious Wellbeing are truly delicious.

I can’t wait for you to dive into the simple, delicious, and super nutritious meals and snacks in Delicious Wellbeing.

You can view a few pictures of our recipes below. These recipes are hand picked based on the fact that they are easy to make, you can eat them forever without getting bored, and they’re easy to tweak and swap for other ingredients.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll be eating in this program:

You’ll also connect with other mums in the Delicious Wellbeing Facebook Group:

I’m sure you’ve heard the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child”. It’s true! In the old days, mums used to spend their days together supporting one another.

The benefit to the village isn’t just for the benefit of the child. You absolutely need a community of supportive, like-minded mums for your own wellbeing as well.

Our Delicious Wellbeing Facebook Group is a safe space to ask questions, explore challenges, gain inspiration, and virtually mingle with like-minded mamas that are also enrolled in this course.

I will be in the group answering your questions every Monday afternoon, so you will get your questions answered by me, a qualified naturopath every single week!

A sneak peek inside

 This is your last chance (EVER) to experience Delicious Wellbeing


$297   ONLY $97

(SAVE $200)

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When you sign up to Delicious Wellbeing you will get instant access to the entire program to go through at your own pace.

You have a busy life, and I don’t want “feeling good” to feel like yet another item on your ‘to do” list. This is too important.

That’s why Delicious Wellbeing is broken down into bite-sized modules. You’ll love taking a few minutes out of your day to nourish yourself!

The program includes a collection of videos, fact sheets, recipes, and easy to implement ideas.

 As a naturopath, it can be pricey for an in-clinic session with me.

 I created Delicious Wellbeing to make an energized, vibrant, fun life accessible to all mums.

Jessica is hands down one of the most soulful women and business owners I have met and had the pleasure of working with. She runs her business and leads her tribe with such open-hearted contribution and this, paired with her in depth knowledge of women’s health and her background in naturopathy makes her one of the health thought leaders I turn to when I need to reconnect to my commitment to self care.

Kylie Patchett Delicious Life and Biz Mentor

I highly recommend working with Jess, if you can't meet with her face to face then her online course is a brilliant alternative! As a busy Mum she provides advice and solutions that are easy to implement.  Jess is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to women's health and nutrition, if you want to feel amazing through real food then Jess is the person to guide you!

Sam Cannell, Holistic Health Coach + Creator of The Fabulous Woman Project


As a busy mother of two young boys I always have my ears peeled for quality information on how I can best nourish my family, naturally. From the moment I started Jessica’s ecourse, I was taken by her extensive knowledge and passion of naturopathy and found her approach to be refreshing.

Jessica is not one of those naturopaths whose advice doesn’t work in the “real world”. As a mother herself, she gets family life.  I was easily able to slot her recipes, meal plans and wellbeing tips into my busy schedule and see immediate positive results in my family’s health.

If you’re ready to take your health and wellbeing to the next level, you can’t go past Jessica to help you get there.

Laura Trotta, Environmental Engineer


Come meet the lineup of delicious guest experts you’ll learn from inside the program:

Lara Briden

Lara Briden is a Naturopath and healthy hormone expert who qualified from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in and currently runs a busy hormone clinic in Sydney, Australia.

Lara has nearly twenty years’ experience treating period problems, and earlier this year, she released her book: Period Repair Manual: Natural Treatment for Better Hormones and Better Periods.

Lara Briden
Amy Taylor Kabbaz

Amy is a writer, broadcaster and mother to three young children. After more than a decade covering breaking news and current affairs for ABC radio around the country, her 'traditional' career took an unexpected turn after the birth of her first daughter.

When Amy found herself lost, overwhelmed and diagnosed with a thyroid condition, she decided to use her years of research skills to find out everything she could about looking after herself as a new mum.

Six years later, and two more babies, she now runs the successful website for new and expectant mums -- a site which inspires new mums to put their health, dreams, and self-care first while raising their families.

Amy Taylor Kabbaz, Happy Mama
Jessica Silsby

Jessica Silsby helps women overcome their challenges around eating and body image so that they can stop obsessing about food and get back to living amazing lives.

After years of yo-yo dieting and battling with emotional eating, Jess began studying at The Institute for the Psychology of Eating.

She discovered holistic approaches to help women make peace with their food issues, once and for all.

Jessica Silsby, Awaken your Wellbeing
Alice Faeth

Alice is the founder of My Kitchen Garden, which is all about encouraging food lovers to become food growers. Alice is a keen cook and veggie gardener from way back.

When she moved into her new house, she planted the tomatoes before unpacking her clothes! Inspired by the food grown, shared, and preserved by her hard-working Nan & Pop, Alice has set out to create a positive and community-focused business that assists others with creating and enjoying their own kitchen gardens.

Alice Faeth, My Kitchen Garden

Delicious Wellbeing is a holistic health program for mums like you.

(And by the way, it doesn’t matter if you say ‘Mum’ or ‘Mom’. You’re going to love Delicious Wellbeing no matter where in the world you live!)

My approach is all about delicious, satisfying foods combined with healthy lifestyle habits and focusing on feeling good and then looking good will naturally follow!

Delicious Wellbeing is a supportive, uplifting community of like-minded mamas who will motivate and encourage you to be the best you can be!

You’re going to feel amazing, but this isn’t like any other “diet” program you’ve seen.

That’s because Delicous Wellbeing is not a diet! You will not need to count calories or follow inflexible meal plans. (Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief).

You will lose weight during the Delicious Wellbeing program, but it’s not because you’re going to focus on losing weight. In fact, it’s because you won’t be focused on the weight that it will fall off as you nourish your body with real, simple, nutritious foods.

It’s ok for you to want to look great in a bathing suit or to want to feel good when you look in the mirror. It’s not superficial to desire a body that feels wonderful almost every single day.

If you’re ready to break out of the rut and find a healthy lifestyle that gives you more time with your family as well as more time for YOU, I can’t wait to work with you in Delicious Wellbeing.

6 months after the birth of my 4th child I was still feeling flat, teary & tired, I craved sugary foods and for the first time in my life I was experiencing anxiety & depression. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster ride. Before my period was due each month I was experiencing extreme headaches & moodiness. My periods were heavy, and painful!


From Day 1 everything Jessica said made sense. I was too busy looking after the needs of others and I was guilty of neglecting myself and what my body needs to survive – yet alone ‘thrive’. After 4 days of being on the program my thinking became clear & the ‘brain fog’ lifted. For the first time since the birth of my little girl I felt clear & calm. My terrible period symptoms have all eased. I am regular & pain free again.


I now view food in a whole new way. If it’s a ‘live’ food then it has vital nutrients that will build me up & give me energy. I see every bite as a deposit of ‘goodness’ into me. I deserve it. I have lost 17 kg without dieting! I am still on this journey to ‘healing’ & ‘wholeness’. And I will be for the rest of my life… Day by day I am learning to nourish myself. I am worth it!!

Nari Ivory


  • q-iconWhy are you qualified to teach a health course for mums?

    This is a really important question and I’m glad you’re asking. It’s important to verify the professional credentials from anyone working in the health and wellness industry.

    I am a certified naturopath and have worked in clinics here in Adelaide, Australia, London, England, and Canada.

    I have more than 13 years of experience working with women just like you to reinvigorate their health.

  • q-iconHow does this course differ from other health courses out there?

    This is a holistic health e-course focusing on women’s health. It is not an eat this on Monday and eat this on Tuesday type program. My goal is to give you the information and tools to be able to live healthily and feel great for the long term, not just the 6 weeks you are doing the course. It is run by a qualified naturopath with over 13 years of clinical experience in women’s health. I have yet to find another course anything like it!

  • q-iconHow is the course delivered?

    The course content is broken up into 6 modules. All of the material is housed in a private membership site, accessible by a unique login you’ll receive when you sign up. When you sign up you get access to the entire course to go through at your own pace.

  • q-iconWhat system requirements are needed?

    All you need to download the course content is an internet connection. You can watch and read the material on any laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • q-iconWhat if I miss a week because of sick kids, a hectic schedule, or some other reason?

    The beauty of this e-course is you can set your own pace. The materials will be delivered to your inbox each week, but it’s up to you how quickly you want to work through them. Remember you have lifetime access to the content of this course.

  • q-iconI am not a mum, can I enrol in the course?

    Yes, you certainly can!

    The information you will learn is invaluable whether you are a mum or not. Some of the language I use in the course is aimed at mums and the community will be mainly mums but you are very welcome to enrol if you are not a mum.

  • q-iconHow much time will it take me to go through this course?

    I am very aware you are busy so I will not overwhelm you with heavy course content that takes hours to get through.

    If you set aside about an hour a week to dive into the course content and another hour to implement what you have learnt in the kitchen, that will be plenty of time.

  • q-iconDo you offer a guarantee?

    My heart and soul have gone into creating this course and I know you will gain mountains of valuable knowledge about how to nourish your body with real food.

    However, I want you to be risk free so here is my guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the course after 7 days, send me an email and I will refund your money in full.

  • q-iconDo you offer payment plans?

    There are no payment plans for this round of Delicious Wellbeing, I am offering a HUGE $200 discount instead 🙂

  • q-iconI have a question about the program, who can I contact?

    You can email me directly with any questions you have about the program and I will answer them personally.



I constantly felt bloated and ill after eating and was lethargic. I was stressed and was highly strung and emotional a lot of the time. I thought I was trying to do all the right things for my health by doing a lot of exercise and eating what I thought was ‘healthy’ food. I was getting up and leaving the house at 5am and getting home at 6pm to fit in exercise, I was exhausted! I actually thought it was normal to be sneaking out to my car in my lunch break every day to have an hour nap!

Within 2 weeks of starting the program I started to feel really good and have more energy. No more lunch time naps! The first things I noticed was my eyes looked really clear and my skin was glowing and my bloating disappeared too.

My attitude towards food has completely changed. I don’t count calories, I think of Food in the sense of “will this make me feel good and give me the energy I need to get through my day, or will this make me feel crap and probably tired later?” I can’t thank Jess enough for her understanding, support and education that has allowed me to make changes that are life-long. I am in the best health and shape I have been in my life.

Stacie Gregg


If you want to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace your day…

...if you want to be able to easily make healthy food choices that leave you feeling energized, fresh, and light…

...if you’re craving a sustainable way to lose extra weight without counting calories by eating foods that your body absolutely loves...

... and if you are ready to take your wellbeing up a notch so you can and have the energy and patience to truly enjoy your life as a mum, you are going to LOVE being in the Delicious Wellbeing community!

Your life as a mum is way too important to settle for less.

Let’s get started:

$297   ONLY $97

(SAVE $200)



This is your last chance (EVER) to experience Delicious Wellbeing!

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